Standard International Protocol for Accessibility Determination of SV Annual Package Cost

Cost equivalent to average cost of two therapy sessions in country:

SV Package $399 = average cost of 2 US therapy sessions

SV Accessibility Examples

Success in Vulnerability team works with in-country EFT therapists to determine average cost of therapy session in that country.

Non-Profit / County Settings / Rural Providers

$199 SV Annual Package

Diversity and Accessibility Statement

The Success in Vulnerability team strives to cultivate a climate of inclusion that reflects the humanistic approach of Emotionally Focused Therapy.

We aim to create a safe and accessible learning environment for all clinicians seeking to train in the art and science of healing attachment relationships.
We seek to honor and reflect diversity, anti-racism, and equality in Success in Vulnerability training material.
We pledge to make Success in Vulnerability training material financially accessible to clinicians globally – with discounting rendered on scale.
We pledge to make training material accessible to clinicians serving traditionally underprivileged.
We commit to remain open to learn and receive feedback with open hearts in areas of diversity.
We commit intentional action in response to diversity and accessibility issues.
We pledge to engage in active examination of our own privilege, power, and implicit bias.
We pledge to examine the attitudes of our hearts.
We denounce all acts of persecution, marginalization, inequality, injustice, and oppression.

We encourage feedback regarding your clinical learning experience. Please send diversity-related feedback to:

We don’t want money to keep people away from accessing our trainings!

 Please reach out to to find out how we can assist.

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