SV Story

The Success In Vulnerability Dream Gets Real

The SV Dream emerged during a great meal and some good drinks. After the completion of another successful ICEEFT EFT training on Escalated Couples, George Faller was out with a few EFT Therapist’s and EFT Supervisor’s that included Dina Harth, Anabelle Bugatti, Carla Rather and Teri Murphy. A spirited conversation around the importance of a moment-by-moment training that breaks down global therapy models into specific micro-moves was discussed. This generated a vision to radically transform how we teach doing therapy and so, the essence of Success In Vulnerability was established. We wanted to empower therapists by helping them maintain a sharper focus in session by learning to become more tactical, intentional, aware and fully engaged in the therapeutic process. This idea turned tangible and the excitement quickly spread. Soon, Ryan Rana, James Hawkins, Chad Imhoff, Angela Imhoff, and Stephanie Fry all joined the team. This SV dream continues to grow and we hope many others can join us on this journey.